All My Friends are Going to Be Strangers, (organized by Christina Rees) CASP, Lubbock

Mop and Dream Body Go To France, Le Sud Bébé, Rue de République, Marseille
Grubnik and Suzanne, Jeff Gibbons & Gregory Ruppe, The Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas
Consider Me Gone, PRP, Dallas
Culture Hole: Surfin’ the Dream Channels, Untitled Art Fair, San Francisco

Culture Hole: Black Hole, White Hole, Untitled Art Fair, Miami
And the World Was A Living Creature Everywhere They Looked, Bruce Blay, Gregory Ruppe & Danny Skinner, The Modern Museum of Fort Worth
Jane Magnolia Jane, Jeff Gibbons, Gregory Ruppe & Danny Skinner, The Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas

BADTWIN/Forget Soon, Pierre Krause & Gregory Ruppe, Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas
Masque of the Red Death, Jeff Gibbons, Gregory Ruppe & DNCB, Majestic Theater, Dallas

Slow Self-Exile to Banana Planet, Jeff Gibbons & Gregory Ruppe, The MAC, Dallas
Room+Dog+Child, Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe, Carillon Gallery, TCC South, Fort Worth
MoonRibbon, Riverside-Space, Bern
Kokomo, Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe, galleryHOMELAND, Houston
Dry Again, Said the Crab to the Rock Pool…, Jeff Gibbons, Gregory Ruppe, Danny Skinner and Hiroe Watanabe, The Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas
Necrotic Black Black Swimming Pool With A Heavy Mossy Surface Film, Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe, Epitome Institute, San Antonio

Pure Duration: A Beetle On Its Back, Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe, BeefHaus, Dallas
Hyper_Pacing on the River Sanzu, Deep Ellum Windows, Dallas
Solar Lice Record Release (Solar Lice Performance), Vilma Gold Gallery, London
Haggard Caravan (Solar Lice Performance), The Calder at Hepworth-Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Clear Jam, Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe, Centraltrak, Dallas, TX

Drip Event (Solar Lice Performance), The Power Station, Dallas
HOMECOMING! MacGuffin, AndX Gallery, Fort Worth
HOMECOMING! Friskt kopplat, hälften brunet, Texas Biennial 2013, CentralTrak, Dallas
HOMECOMING! Post Communique, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas
HOMECOMING! Gif the #@!& Out!, Deep Ellum Windows, Dallas
The Landscape is Motorized, Timothy Harding and Gregory Ruppe, 500X Gallery, Dallas

Things Will Never Be The Same, Concept/OK, OVAC, Tulsa
HOMECOMING! In-Transit: Station Domination, T&P Station, Fort Worth, TX
HOMECOMING! Hands on an Art Body, Oliver Francis Gallery, Dallas, TX
Ghostride to Oblivion, Moudy Gallery, Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth

Personality Crisis, Yukari Eda & Gregory Ruppe, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Ft. Worth
White Fox on Dope, 2525 Weisenberger, Ft. Worth


Paintings of Michelle's Paintings, PRP, Dallas

Good Moves, The Power Station, Dallas
Golf Coast (curated by Bradly Brown), San Jacinto College South Campus Gallery, Houston
Filial Suede (curated by Jesse Morgan Barnett), Closed—Languages, Ft. Worth

Away Message, Sweet Pass Sculpture Park, Dallas
Group Show (curated by Mel DeWees), Gray Contemporary, Houston

Charlie Don’t Surf, Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro
Alley Show (curated by Israel Lund and Sam Korman), apples, Brooklyn

Texas Contemporary, galleryHOMELAND, Houston
Artists’ Voices-Sound Edition, Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva

Twenty Times Brighter Than The Midday Sun / 3015 (curated by Justine Ludwig), Expanded-Cinema, Dallas
Gorgissimo, Réunion Gallery, Zürich
Obake Hotel, Hiroshima Art Center, Hiroshima
Multi-Channel: Currents in Contemporary Video Art (curated by Jon Revett), Mary Moody Northern Art Gallery, Lubbock

Sundowner, Circuit12 Contemporary, Dallas
HOMECOMING! Private Practice, Artspace111, Ft. Worth
The Stuff of Legends (curated by Margaret Meehan), Gray Matters, Dallas
Life & The Invitation & Vapour in Debris (Solar Lice Performance), The Modern Institute, Glasgow

This Life Will Self Destruct in 10..9..8: Berlin Becher Triennial (curated by Justin Ginsberg), Berlin Glas, Berlin
Aurora, Dallas Arts District, Dallas
Dallas Video Fest, Dallas
Texas Biennial 2013, Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio
Boom Town (curated by The Art Foundation), Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas
Oak Cliff Video Festival, Texas Theater, Dallas
Maximum Overdrive (curated by Kevin Todora), University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson

Sons and Daughters of the Sun and Star: Pt. II, Warehouse space, Hiroshima
Sons and Daughters of the Sun and Star: Pt. I, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Ft. Worth
Transmissions III (curated by Christina Rees), Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Ft. Worth
Fountainhead (curated by The Art Foundation), The Gibson Company Lofts, Dallas
Experiencing Perspectives, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Ft. Worth
Bridged, 500 Singleton, Dallas

Fresh Meat: College Expo (curated by Cris Worley and Erik Swenson), 500X Gallery, Dallas
Transmissions II (curated by Christina Rees), Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Ft. Worth
The Hand That Feeds Me, 500x Gallery, Dallas

The Audience is Listening, Road Agent Gallery, Dallas

The Gift of Sound and Vision, Crooked Space Gallery, Denton


Mars Williams, TonoRaum, Dallas
DIS / A Good Crisis, Co-organized by Sofia Bastidas, Culture Hole, Dallas
Jason Lescalleet, TonoRaum, Dallas
Kayla E. / Drunk Tank, Culture Hole, Dallas
Escape-ism, Toshimaru Nakamura + Sean Meehan, Werner Dafeldecker + Valerio Tricoli, Culture Hole, Dallas
Jaap Blonk, Vic Rawlings + Liz Tonne, Swirve, Culture Hole, Dallas

Iva Kinnaird / IV, Culture Hole, Dallas
Marjorie Schwarz / Inside Out, Culture Hole, Dallas
Kook Out, Culture Hole, Dallas
Shelby David Meier / Omellete Bar, Culture Hole, Dallas
Ian Svenonius / Escape-ism, Culture Hole, Dallas
Israel Lund / Headless Body, Culture Hole, Dallas
Michael Mazurek / No Vaseline, Culture Hole, Dallas

Proximidad, Jeff Gibbons / Gabriel Rico, The Power Station, Dallas
Lucky Dragons / Drop Seminar, Culture Hole, Dallas
Mathis Altmann / Cascading Carcasses, Culture Hole, Dallas
Rose Kallal / Rubix, Culture Hole, Dallas
Jake Meginsky / Untitled #1, Culture Hole, Dallas

Bruce Blay / Can’t F*ck with Heraclitus, Co-organized with Avi Varma, Culture Hole, Dallas
Sunscreen (Nachtober) Film Series, Co-organized with Danny Skinner, The Power Station, Dallas
Sunscreen (Shorts) Film Series, Co-organized with Danny Skinner, The Power Station, Dallas
Jesse Morgan Barnett / L’Attico, Culture Hole, Dallas
Lana Paninchul / Deutsche Liebeslieder, Culture Hole, Dallas

Sunscreen (Space Is The Place) Film Series, Co-organized with Danny Skinner, The Power Station, Dallas

Sundowner, Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas
Amarillo Entropy, The Power Station, Dallas

The Hand That Feeds: TCU MFA, 500X Gallery, Dallas